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We all know Kicking cows, aggressive bulls, and dangerous animals. Working with animals is our daily bread, so being farmers; we know what we are talking about. There are often situations in which support would be useful - witch is not always possible. Do you know situations when you try to brand your cattle but they dont stand still? You ask yourself how to do safe castrations without complications? Tending Hoofs or treating mastitis is always troubling you? 

Then watch this video

Safe Way To Perform :

1. Castration 2. Dehorning 3. Branding (fire and freeze) 4. Foot trimming 5. Nose ringing 6. Clipping 7. Earmarking 8. Difficult calving 9. Mastitis Treatment 10. Vaccination

No More :

1. Kicking 2. Jumping 3. Head Budding 4. Injuries 5. Medical bills 6. Expensive labor 7. Animal loss 8. Stress on animal 9. Expensive crashes 10. Head clamps

December Specials end 29th of December (Normal price 400 Euro) 

Buy one machine for 299.00 Euro
Buy two Machines at 299.00 Euro per machine and get a third machine totally for free
Buy three Machines at 299.99 Euro per machine and get two machines totally for free

We develop high tech products for the cattle industry since 2002. Our distinct aim is to simplify your work – without high cost or injured animals.

Our claim is to produce efficient equipment that ensures maximum security for both you and the cattle you are working with. We export worldwide no matter where you are we deliver them to you.  Order now 


Those are topics that you being a farmer already know. What would you say if you could be sure that your cattle will not kick while castrating them? We all know the cost of losing a calf or getting your arm, nose or leg broken, With the Farmfreund you can prevent injuries and loss of animals. 

Our advice

Cattle Immobilizer

299,00 EUR
Cattle Immobilizer Special Buy two get one free

Cattle Immobilizer Special Buy two...

598,00 EUR
Special buy three machines and get two extra for free

Special buy three machines and get...

897,00 EUR

Cattle Immobilizer

Our technologies enable us to stimulate the nervous system of an animal in a natural way by an electronic impulse created by the cattle immobilizer. Thereby allowing you to do your work whilst the animal stays paralyzed. A special highlight is the fact that our devices are designed for mobile use and therefore use batteries that are rechargeable. Mobility is indispensable for al farmers they have to act fast and selective. This flexibility can be created by our cattle immobilizer.

Using the Cattle Immobilizer

When inserting the cattle immobilizer into the anus of the cattle you have to make sure that it is turned off. To make sure that it won’t slip out again you should not lift the tail of the cattle longer than necessary. Another advantage of deactivating the immobilizer is that no sounds can be heard and your cattle will not be alarmed or trying to perform any defense reactions.